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October 30, 2009


I completely agree with you, one of the more clever marketing campaigns I've seen to date. Way to disguise the fact that this is essentially a customer rewards program but who really says yes to signing up to those? Marketing the whole thing as "Sprize" makes it a lot more attractive to shoppers. Also a good idea to pilot the program in one successful store to test it. Less risk. I wrote an article about this http://consumereducation.suite101.com/article.cfm/the_gap_sprize_new_customer_loyalty_program I'd love to know your thoughts on the content, leave a comment!

After New York City and San Francisco Vancouver is the third densly populated urban centers in North America ---- In your post about this old idea of setting up on a roof, (some Yaletown local) you suggested that living in downtown Vancouver is the most densly populated places on earth well lets look at the top three - Tokyo 34,200,000 Mexico City 22,800,000, Seoul 22,200,000. I lived in Vancouver for 15 years and now live in Taipei with frequent trips to Honk Kong, Tokyo, and Beijing 12,100,000 not to mention Guangdong province and New York 21,900,000 ---Believe me little old downtown Vancouver is a walk in the park - appropriate name Think Small

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