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February 20, 2009


Love the deck. Found some really useful stuff in here. I agree with most of it but just don't like the 'people are brands sentiment'. Brand is the business term for personality or character - I'd rather move those words over to products and services that move the word brand over to people. Raise the humanity ;-) Good stuff, wish I was there.

Oops meant to say 'than move the word brand over to people.'

Thanks for the great session today - I love the line "Who are you for?". Most of us think of "What do we do?" when trying to come up with an ID/brand. (Btw, typo in your post - NV 2008 instead of 2009).

Completely ignore my rubbish comment (apart from the bit about your presentation being good), you were talking about blogging so it makes perfect sense.

Rob, I actually agree that it gets weird when the idea of you the person and brand meet. In a way an individual's biggest danger is trying to be a brand. In the sense it generally means you'll do all to boring, rigid, uninteresting and hackneyed conventions many brands rely on. And most importantly lack authenticity, sincerity and uniqueness.

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