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January 21, 2009


What a pathetic joke His Lardship Baron Black of Crossdresser is! Why can't he just accept that he f*ucked with the law and ended up getting well and truly shafted? It's time to suck it up and shut up. Rather than write all those columns in which he presumes to advise world political and economic leaders, not one of whom gives a rat's ass what he thinks, why can't he write some really interesting stuff about what life behind bars is like? How does one live without the kind of nookie he was accustomed to? What is the best way not to drop the soap? And so on. I can't wait to read that kind of stuff from the great man who has now become even less important that the "little people" he and his gruesome zionazi golddigger wife used to look down on. LOL

Must say I am slightly more sympathetic to Lord Black than you, but I agree his take on life behind bars would be very interesting.

Is there no limit to the sheer evil and twisted lies of this crook? Now, writing for a far-right publication, he slanders the memory of a man whose name he is not worthy to speak, Gandhiji.

The Mahatma famously taught us that this world has enough to satisfy everyone's need, but not everyone's greed. Black is festering in a Federal prison - and, as his article at the link below shows, in his mind as well - because of his own greed and that of his execrable wife. I hope he never leaves the place and that she wallows in misery until the end of her pointless life.


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